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Implemented in 2007 by the Bahia Government, through the Department of Culture (SecultBA) and Tourism (Setur), led by the Institute of Educational Broadcasting Bahia (IRDEB), the Special Committee Bahia Film Commission has been designed with the proposal to support the nature of activities audiovisual Bahia. The project was formalized in 2010 through Decree No. 12,129 / 2010, reaffirming its initial premise – and assuming other functions.

Currently, the Executive Secretary of the Bahia Film Commission works in the Audiovisual Council (DIMAS) of the State of Cultural da Bahia Foundation (FUNCEB) and its main functions to attract, support and facilitate the work of Brazilian and foreign audiovisual producers, disclose the potential environments natural, rural and urban state of Bahia in order to film locations, participate in trade promotion movie rental activities, among other functions in support of the audiovisual sector. Also concerns the Bahia Film Commission provide information on the status of leases, technical park of the language industry and public policy, institutional and private actions. In the period between 2007-2012 were supported over 150 productions, including films, series and other content, which generated great an investment in the state’s economy.

In order to present the diversity of the population and local scenarios for producers and filmmakers, which was launched in 2012 by FUNCEB the catalog trilingual Bahia image. The material is a database of workplaces list and hand specialized procedures established by the National Cinema Agency (Ancine), in conjunction with government agencies, the infrastructure possibilities, support mechanisms and professional services available. The publication can be accessed through the site.

To have the support of the Bahia Film Commission Special Committee, the applicant must contact the Executive Secretariat of the project through the following contacts: Phone: 71 3116-8106 Email: www. / bahiafilmcommission / FILM COMMISSION – Initiative present in various parts of the world and in Brazil, the Film Commission can be performed in the state, private or mixed institution with the aim of attracting audiovisual productions particular locality.

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